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Client Hero

My client is the hero of my story!

My Brand Transition

During the challenging twists and turns of COVID19, a global pandemic, my company like others went through a massive transition. I went from slowly transitioning away from providing Wedding and Event Planning Services to solely offering Design Services.

Over the years of my company’s existence, I felt I did a good job of marketing to potential clients. However, it was not until I listened to the audible book “Building A Story Brand” by Donald Miller that I realized some major areas of improvement needed.

This book was the catalyst I needed to take a step back from my marketing strategy and surgically dissect what message I was sending and how it was hindering greater success. Simply put, I had to get REAL about what and how I was communicating to potential clients.

After much work, I have emerged with a fully vetted stronger message. I elected to communicate my overall message in an equation. I define an equation as “ the relationship between two equal partners that are connected to produce a unified result.” Without one, the equation is not true.

“Your Design Goal + My Expertise =
Outstanding Results”

The results are only outstanding if my client and I work together.


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