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Why we have a responsive website

Several years ago, I invested in a website. It was a good website that contained great content about the services that I offer. Two years ago, the software creator decided they would no longer support the template for my website.  My web designer communicated I would need a new website. At that time, I was not ready to work on a new website, so they offered to create patches to the template to keep the website functioning. Late in 2019, I was finally ready for a new design. There were three factors that led to my newly responsive website: Purpose, Function and Look.

Serving Clients with a Purpose

The first factor was Purpose. I wanted the new website to clearly communicate who I am, my passion, what my company stands for and offers.  I had to find a way to communicate this message in the most impactful way. In today’s world of technology, everything happens fast. Things have to be fast in order to keep and maintain people’s attention span. When websites first gained popularity they were just one page. As technology took off, so did websites. Now, the one page website is making a comeback. I discussed this concept with my web designer. The major concern they stressed is a one page website would make my search engine optimization (SEO) more challenging.  They also communicated that it would be more work on my part to ensure my website is fully optimizable. I weighed the pros and cons and decided to proceed with a one page website.  This was the best decision for me. I had a clear focus for my new website. My major thought process was if I could not grab a potential clients’ interest within the first 30 – 45 seconds, what was the purpose of having a website anyway?

Fast, Easy Communication

The second factor is Function. Now that I knew I wanted a one-page website, I had to ensure that the website functioned appropriately with our fast paced-technologically advanced society. One of my company pillars is being responsive to my clients needs. I pride myself on getting back with my potential and existing clients in a timely manner. I consider my responsiveness a form of respect to them and for the type of service that I want to provide. My website now reflects this pillar by allowing clients to either call or chat with me at the touch of a button. Now during my business hours, I can respond to website inquires by cell phone or my laptop computer instantly.

The Look of Luxury

The third factor is Look. I wanted the look to grab the attention of my website visitors. The look needed to be classic, something timeless that would remain in style. One color combo that fit exactly what I needed was black and white. I settled on a black and white concept with marble accents. There is nothing that exudes a timeless look like this combination of colors.  This combo reiterates the luxury service I provide as a designer and coordinator. I wanted the overall look to instantly wow my visitors. I wanted to set the bar high. I have always and will continue to not only meet but exceed my clients expectations. That is what I do best.

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