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Wow factor Sponsorship

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sponsor lunch for a local real estate company. My primary objective was to promote my design/home staging services. I could have provided a simple presentation of food, beverages and marketing materials. However, simple is not in my vocabulary. It is my nature to go above and beyond. I Wowed my audience in three ways .

Create an Event Theme

First, I created a theme to promote my sponsorship: Live Healthy.  I ordered from a local company that specializes in healthy and locally sourced food: Fork and Salad. The menu had something to offer everyone. I had options for meat lovers, vegetarians, pescatarian, vegans and lactose-free eaters.

Impress Guests with Custom Designs

Second, was creating a simple and custom design. As a designer, I had to come up with something that would Wow the agents. I created a custom beverage cart that featured a stunning and innovative design, chilled non-alcoholic beverages, water, ice and bamboo cups and straws. This ended up being a big hit as many agents took pictures of the beverage cart. I carried the theme from the beverage cart to the buffet table with custom food labels, bamboo place-ware and serving utensils. Carrying the theme to the buffet table was a small detail, but delivered a big Wow.

maui event theme gift ideasUnique Treats Create WOW Factor

Third, was adding unique features. There were three things that accomplished this. First, was my customized greeting. I partnered with a local company that makes fresh and locally sourced turmeric shots. As agents entered the venue, I offered fresh turmeric shots from Maui Tonics. This was a big wow factor.  Second, I added a custom floral arrangement that featured locally grown flowers with fresh fruit. As an added wow factor, I raffled the floral arrangement as a free gift. Third, was a custom designed dessert. I decided to have a custom cookie made from the theme of their meeting. I used one of my favorite local bakers; Joceyln Kanaele with Celebrations Catering. Many agents were in love with this idea.  Later, I saw many images on social media.

wow factor cookieSupporting Local Has an Impact

All of my unique features involved including local businesses. I believe in supporting both small and locally owned business.  Keeping money within your local community makes a positive impact.

Sponsorship of any kind does not have to be boring. Be innovative and creative to produce the ultimate response from your target audience: WOW!

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