Holidays In Maui

Holidays In Maui 🌴

Holidays In Maui!


Now that we are half way through the year, we start preparing for the fall and winter Holiday season. There is nothing like spending the Holidays in Maui. However, before you spend your Holiday in Maui or consider the possibility, this new blog series is a must read.


There are six steps to a magical Holiday celebration in Maui. This first blog will focus on the first step: plan your dates and budget.


Dates are important in two ways. First, traveling during the week is not only less crowded, but often is less expensive. Second, booking lodging dates Sunday through Sunday often saves you money.


Budget is also important. Knowing what you want to spend on your entire vacation allows you to pre-determine splurge-worthy items.


Once you know your dates and budget, how can Little Details, LLC design your Holiday experience?


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