Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

1 Client

2 Hair Changes

2 Photo Shoot days

4 Locations

4 Make-up looks

4 Vendors

7 Props

7 Outfit changes

And So Much More Behind the Scenes

A dear friend and client reached out to me to assist her to plan a creative Designed Style Shot. For her up-coming birthday, she wanted a photo shoot that represented the versatility of who she is.  She did not have the time to plan and knew I could turn her design vision into reality.

There were three crucial factors. First, understanding her vision and knowing what she absolutely had to have within her designed style shoot. Second, involved searching for the perfect photographer.  There was a certain look and feel the client wanted from the images. As a bonus, we were able to secure the perfect photographer who also provided short video highlights. Third, was scouting locations that allowed her to achieve the look she wanted.  As we collaborated to work through these crucial factors, the client felt reassured that everything would happen as she envisioned.

Once all of the crucial factors were addressed, the big day finally arrived. The big day involved a strategic timeline of vendors, locations and things to manage.  The management included guiding the client into every outfit change, ensuring the vendors had everything they needed and having bug spray for when we entered the dense bamboo trees.  What was the result? The client had this to say on her social media post: “THIS Woman. She is beautiful, amazing, wonder woman rock star, and I’m so grateful that she is in my life. Everyone needs a LaTasha in his or her life.

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