Staging Made Simple

Staging Made Simple ๐Ÿ 

Staging Made Simple: The Power of Choice

There are many designers and stagers to choose from. When clients exercise their power of choice and select me, I accept this as an honor and privilege. ย With the honor and privilege comes responsibility. The responsibility is to make it easy to work with me.

Recently, I restructured my staging services into a tiered system to provide an easy button for clients. ย The tiered system is as follows:

  1. Bronze – FREE 5.0 Sellability Factor Consultation
  2. Silver – Photo Prep
  3. Gold – Design Consultation
  4. Platinum – Partial to Full staging

This tiered system allows me to clearly communicate what the services are, how they build upon each other, add value and meet the need of my diverse clients. Regardless if you need basic guidance or a complete concierge level type of service, I have you covered.

Ready to get started with my โ€œStaging Made Simple?โ€

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