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The Quest for Lighting

Adding lighting can be a delicate balance. If a home does not have adequate lighting, the design must showcase ancillary lighting as decorative and not necessary. The designers’ goal is to accent the true essence of a space. There are three keys to adding appropriate lighting in a design.

  1. Be strategic about how you add lighting. Make sure the lighting serves a purpose. The purpose of adding lighting in a design is to enhance the overall look.
  2. Source lighting that is unique. When a home does have issues with lighting it is important to select pieces that are unique that create interest. The interest will draw the attention of the buyers to see the potential of the home.
  3. The placement of lighting matters. As a rule of thumb, you want to create a triangle of light. What is a light triangle? This means pick two sources of light like a window or ceiling light. Locate the third area within the room that will create a lighting-trifecta.

Adding lighting can be a great way to add interest and character to any home design. This is the time to be BOLD and try adding unique lighting.


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