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Beach dining

Staging for Beach Front Living

Like my clients, I treat every home as an individual. Meaning, each home has its own personality or vibe. It is important as a designer, to recognize the home’s personality and create a design that enhances the home’s aesthetic.

Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with some luxury home agents to stage their client’s Beach Front Home in Paia, Hawaii. There are 5 steps in the design process. Let’s explore them and how the Beach Front design was created.

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Maui Real Estate Staging by Little Details, LLC

Step One – The consultation.  During my design consultation with the client, I not only toured his home but also got to know him and what he wanted to see in the staging design. This home is located in beautiful Paia, Hawaii with it’s own Beach Front. The design challenge was to look past the traditional furniture and décor. I had to mentally envision what could be in the space.

Step Two – Write-up. After the consultation, I take the time to review my notes and the potential clients motivation and objective for the design. This Beach Front home needed to bring the outdoors in. There was one furniture piece that spoke to me as a designer. I used the kitchen table as my inspiration to design the entire house. This was NOT your run of the mill kitchen table. The kitchen table was custom made and seats 8 – 10 people. The table was handcrafted and a true statement piece. (See image at top of page) It was worthy to build the entire home around. The table was off-white, so I selected turquoise with accents of gold for the dominant color palette. The ultimate purpose of the design was to bring the outside in. The objective was to create a beachy vibe both inside and outside of the home.  I also wanted to add texture with rugs, different pillow materials and Koa wood. All of my proposals include a vision board. If the install requires a new location of furniture, the proposal also includes room diagrams.

Step Three – Submitting the Proposal. Once I create the proposal, I email it to the potential client.  I follow the best practice of following up within 24 – 48 hours of the submission to check-in on the potential client. This best practice helps move the process along. This also typically leads to a YES from the client.

It is important to note that I have a software system that is 100% automated. Meaning, all correspondence, design, planning and payment is virtual. My reason for having an automated software is to make it easy for clients to work with me.

Step Four – Approval. Within my follow-up process, the client said YES! Whoot…..Whoot  The client responded to say that he loved the design and feel of the home redesign and wanted to move forward. After the approval, I sent the client an electronic request to e-sign both the proposal and contract. I also use this time to set-up all payment information. Shortly after the signing process, I scheduled a meeting to discuss the proposal in detail.  Depending on the location of the client this appointment can be virtual or in person. For this local client, the meeting was in person. During the meeting we walked each room in the house and outdoor spaced to review the proposal line by line. There were some tweaks we made but the planning for the big install was in process! During this process, I provide the client with a checklist of items that each of us need to accomplish to ensure we meet the deadline for the install.

Step Five  – Install. This is a special day for the client. (hint: it makes me giddy with excitement as well) This is when they see the design go from proposal to implementation. Just before the install, it is important that I call the client within 24 – 48 hours before the install date to confirm all details. It is also important that I communicate the estimated time it will take and any nuisances related to the project. During this global health pandemic, I also communicate our health and safety protocols.

Have you checked out the additional images of this “Staging for Beach Front Living” on Instagram?  Pssst…there is also a video!

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