How is it working with Little Details, LLC?

Within our blog posts we cover a variety of topics. For the first time, we decided to hear from one of our lead event assistants this year. We asked Molly, what is it like working with Little Details, LLC and this is what she said:

“I’ve had the pleasure of being one of LaTasha’s assistants for over a year now. From the beginning, LaTasha has been so wonderful to work with. She is very kind, generous, helpful, and a wealth of knowledge. LaTasha always provided me with the layout and the specific plan for each event. We would typically have a conference call to discuss anything else that I might need to know so that I was fully prepared on the day of the event. Nothing was ever a surprise and her details were good to know for “just in case” circumstances. She truly does think of every “Little Detail.” LaTasha is never rude and always finds the most polite way to respond to all requests. She is very graceful when redirecting a guest or client behavior (which happened very rarely). She is a natural leader. What I mean by this is that, LaTasha can take all the different people and personalities involved in an event and lead them in the right direction with confidence and respect. I’ve learned so much from LaTasha over the year and this is in part because she is so willing to share her passion for events and to help others who are interested in the industry. LaTasha is a fantastic event planner and a great person to work with!”

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