Lokelani Rose: Maui New Beginnings

As Little Details, LLC, DBA Little Details Maui embarks on its new adventure in Maui, we are learning many exciting things. On a recent Winery tour at Maui Wine, Upcountry in Kula, we learned about the meaning of Maui’s official island flower: Lokelani (LOE keh LAH nee) Rose.

Lokelani Rose in Hawaiian means “heavenly rose” Learning how the rose was first introduced to Maui post development was intriguing. The word rose has several symbolic meanings that include; love, honor, faith, beauty and balance. Balance in particular means promise, new beginnings and hope. I could not help but to reflect on why and how our new beginning in Maui began.

Six years ago, my husband and I visited Maui and fell in love with the island and its rich culture. Both of us individually thought of moving to the island, but never mentioned it to the other. Six months after we returned from our first honeymoon in Maui, on a whim I brought the idea up to my husband. That moment is when we knew we wanted to do something about our idea. We created a five-year plan. Five years later, with an additional visit, hard work, research and sacrifice our goal was realized November, 2016. We are humbled, happy, excited and nervous about this new adventure. As we establish roots here both personally and professionally with Little Details Maui, we know this one thing: Anything is possible if you work hard to achieve your dreams. Aloha and Mahalo!

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