Pin or not to Pin, that is the question

Belleza Design 5_rsdPinterest is a great visual social media tool to share creative ideas. Oftentimes, the best way to communicate is through visualization as physically seeing a finished product provides clarity. This form of social media sharing is extremely popular within the wedding industry as it allows end users to keep up with new and exciting trends. As an event planner, Pinterest is a double-edged sword. On one side, I see the effectiveness of this tool to foster creativity. I LOVE it when clients allow their creative side to shine through their planning process! On the other side, I see when clients get lost in the creative process and struggle with the final production stage.  As a member of the Pinterest community, I know how easy it is to search for something and that creates a desire to “see what else is out there”. You can easily loose yourself in finding that next idea or concept. As an event planner, when I experience a client on the other side of the sword, I encourage them to take a step back. Once they take a step back, I ask them to go back to what is important within the creative process. I encourage them to take the Pinterest idea as just that and instead of focusing on what else is out there, blending the idea into their personality and make it work for them. From an event planner’s prospective, when clients take an idea or concept and make it their own, infused with their personality, those end up being the best event. Both the client and guests have a unique experience and that is what drives most people when they plan any event.

As an event planner, I love the side of Pinterest that fosters creativity. I encourage my clients to use it as a springboard to infuse their own personality into their events. Make it your own and you will be happy with the end result!

See a few images from a design competition that Little Details, LLC participated in that capture new trends within weddings, the more natural look. These images are also on my Pinterest board…lol.