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Meet one of our trusted vendors

From time to time, Little Details would like for our readers to meet one of our trusted vendors. Recently, David, the owner of Shindig DJs, LLC, took the time to respond to our recent survey and here is what he had to say.

Please describe your business and why or how you began.
Answer: Shindig DJs, LLC is an award-winning, full service DJ company homegrown right here in Colorado. I started it to pursue my passion in the music and entertainment industry. I have the opportunity to work with so many people excited about their big day and I love my role in making it even more fun and better!

Describe one new trend that you have incorporated within your product and, or service offering?
Answer: Lighting and up-lighting has been a growing trend, over the past decade. We have definitely stepped up to the plate’ and purchased the best and highest quality up-lighting to ensure our decor exceeds that of our competitors. We also keep the cost below average, so almost any bride can afford to make sure their venue looks amazing.

Please list and explain one skill set that you excel at related to your business.
Answer: I would say showmanship. It is so very equally important that clients hire a great MC, in addition to a great DJ. Shindig DJs excel in our ability to professionally announce all the different events throughout the night and also to assist the night in moving smoothly. We work WITH our fellow vendors. Never do we want to commence first dances while the photographer is taking a break, nor do we want to commence toasts before the venue has poured the champagne.

How would you describe your design or creative process for producing your end product?
Answer: Most of what we do revolves around music and lighting. We purchase the highest quality products that produce the best sound and lighting effects, for starters. We also rigorously and slowly train our DJs and MCs to ensure our clients will be well taken care of. Combined with our high-quality tools, we use our showmanship and our abilities to run the show to ensure every client and their guests have the best Shindig of their lives!

Communicate at least one reason why you like working with LaTasha at Little Details, LLC.
Answer: I love working with LaTasha because of her professionalism, her organization and her overall demeanor. No matter which Shindig DJ is assigned to her events, Little Details helps us to provide the best service to both our clients. We always know we are walking into a well-oiled event, when we have the privilege to work with LaTasha and Little Details!

What to learn more about Shindig DJ LLC, visit their website: My Shindig DJ

Wedding Vendor
A recent wedding with Little Details and Shindig DJ service.

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