Event Integrity

As an Event Planner there are many things to consider when planning events. Not only do you want to take care of your client and their needs but you have to consider the overall event integrity. However, what is event integrity. Why does focusing on event integrity matter?

Event Integrity is ensuring that every detail from the very beginning of the planning stage, day of the event and after must be a smooth process. For every event that I manage, I break down the strategic planning process in three perspectives: client, guest and vendor.

For the client, the first objective is to ensure that I understand, their purpose for having the event. This also means, understanding how they want to feel the day of the event. I achieve this by having all of my clients complete an event questionnaire and conducting an initial planning session. Some of the event questions on the questionnaire are: What do you hope to get out of the event? How do you want to feel on the event day? What is the most important aspect of the event? During the first planning session the overall goal is to get to know the client and understand their why.

For the guest, the first objective is to determine from the client the type of attendees that will be at the event. For example, what is the guest count, what is the age make-up and are there any potential guests that need ADA accommodations? What does the client want their guests to experience? From the answers to these questions, I ensure that with the assistance of the client we create a smooth and worry free guest experience. This means, ensuring that all communication prior to the day of the event is clear and concise. This also applies to directions on how to get to the event that may include parking instructions, appropriate attire and type of climate. During the event, it is crucial to have proper signage to direct the guests to the event location, restrooms and any unique areas. If the event extends into the late evening, is there sufficient lighting for guests to exit and make their way to their vehicles in a safe manner?

For the vendor, the first objective is to determine the type of service each vendor will provide. Once the type of service is known, I ensure that the vendor has everything he or she needs so they can focus on their craft and not logistics. For example, when hiring a catering service, how will they load in all of their equipment? Are there stairs and elevators they must take to get to the event location? What type of rental equipment will they need to ensure they can provide their catering services? Will they require extra time for set-up without any other vendors present? Thinking about these questions and more ensures that each vendor will produce a quality product.

Focusing on each of these perspectives ensures that the overall event integrity is upheld. It is my desire that each client has an amazing event that surpasses his or her expectations.