Love & Happiness

Every year, we create a photo design shoot. As an Event Designer, each of our creations has a purpose. This year is no different. This year’s design was intended to showcase and embrace “Love and Happiness”. The inspiration came from Pantone’s color of the year Living Coral 16 – 1546. This color is the quintessential ushering in the feeling of love and happiness. This year’s design shoot featured three key elements.

The first element to secure was the linen. Overall, I wanted the linen to blend with the coral color scheme. I knew there was only one vendor I could rely on to have quality linen and that was BBJ Linen. I looked at their website and at the first glance of Sojourn I new it was perfect. I used the color tones within this linen to build a soft and elegant table scape.

The second element was playing on texture. The first texture feature was adding marble tile with grey veining. I wanted the tile to play against the wood floor to create a two-dimensional look. The grey veining allowed me to have the table scape to mimic the tile. The second texture feature was incorporating marble accents. I sourced a marble vase and plates to also create texture to the top of the table. To continue the grey integration, I also added stainless steel wine glasses and pillar candle holders.

The third element was adding acrylic signage. Signage plays such a creative role in event design. Signage can either be instructional or decorative. To enhance the design, I added decorative signage that captured the essence of “Love & Happiness”.