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When I created Little Details, LLC, I did so from the passion that I have for Event Planning. During the creation stage, I invested two years of time to methodically establish the company’s purpose/mission statement, front-end and back-end policies, operating procedures, and client and vendor development. I wanted to create a company that represented quality and exceptional customer service in the event world.

Over the eight years of the company’s existence, Little Details, LLC has planned many events. These events include everything from Birthday Celebrations for all ages, Business Grand Openings, Block Parties, Career Fairs, Celebrations of Life and Weddings. For every event Little Details, LLC puts our heart and soul into the ultimate client experience. Also within the eight years, I strived to perfect the overall event design process. This attention to every detail created another opportunity for Little Details, LLC: Event/Home design. Thus, I am pleased to announce my custom Design Service. If you have a space in your home or office that needs a fresh redesign or your want to decorate for an event or holiday, Little Details, LLC would love to lend our expertise. Each of our designs not only reflects the heart of our clients, but what they want the space or event to represent for their guests.

When Little Details, LLC partners with their clients, the event design is based on four pillars: The first design pillar is the client’s space/event needs. Every client is unique. We design spaces based on the client’s personality, wants and the overall purpose of the event/space. The second design pillar is the location of the event/space. Whether the event is indoors, outdoors, at a home or venue it is crucial that the design elements enhance the location and not take away. The third design pillar is the season and time of the year. The season and time affect not only the overall design but the event’s functionality. The fourth design pillar is the color palate. It is imperative that the color selected be appropriate for the purpose of the event/space.

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Pricing packages are custom to the client’s needs.