The Keiki

Over the years, I have designed many photo design shoots. I am always proud of my work, as it is a byproduct of my passion for events and design. The latest design is something that I am most proud of. This design speaks to the heart of an event that for me is to create a space for guests to enjoy and feel welcomed. I wanted to do something different with this design and create a space for kids. Often, kids and their needs are an after thought in design. As the design process unfolded it evolved. The design also allowed me the opportunity to feature a former client and their custom craftsmanship. The custom dinner table not only celebrated the talent of an amazing client, but it captured the essence of supporting a local community. I hope you enjoy the blog post that explains the little details that includes three key design elements!

First is the table design. I wanted the table to be unique in shape with a rustic look. I researched several options. I wanted to support the local economy by working with someone on Maui. When I did not find anything that worked for what I envisioned, I remembered I had a recent client that made custom furniture. I reached out to Dan McKee and he graciously agreed to create the table. I sent Dan an inspiration image and specifications that included the shape and dimensions. For his wedding, he made a custom signage out of Monkeypod wood, so I had complete confidence in his ability. Once I received the table, it far exceeded my expectations. The table was the exact triangle shape I requested. The shape of a triangle means many things. Within the context of marriage it signifies the joining of the past, present and future. As a bonus, the tabletop was made out of Monkeypod wood. The chairs, tree stumps were made from Kiawe wood. Combining the historical meaning of the triangle along with sourcing all of the materials from the island of Maui, this table was exactly what I envisioned and more.

Second was the color hue. As keiki (Hawaiian for children) head back to school and people on the mainland say goodbye to summer, but also keeping in mind, we are in Maui, I elected to go with the turquoise, aqua blue and teal color wheel. The color turquoise is believed to create emotional balance in your life. It means to be able to express your hopes and dreams no matter how idealistic they may be and to make your own way in the world under your own terms. Adjectives that are used to describe turquoise are calm, balance, creative, refreshing, clarity, expressive and cleanliness. The meaning of turquoise describes my overall vision for this design but also me as a person. The accent color was silver. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul. It is more fun, lively and playful which accurately describes keiki.

Third was the accent décor. There are four décor elements that I believe will enhance the overall design. The first décor element is the look of the plateware. I wanted the plateware to be fun, keiki friendly and fun. I found a set that was simple but bold in color to match the turquoise color wheel. The second décor element is the charger plate. A charger plate is a large, decorative base setting that dinnerware is placed on top of during formal occasions such as catered events, weddings and upscale parties. I found coloring book placemats that were perfect. The placemats provided a whimsical touch. The third décor element is the sparkle lollipops by Sweet Caroline Confections of Colorado. Oftentimes, the host will provide a gift or favor for the guests. If you are designing a keiki guest table, you have to have a lollipop. I did not settle on just a lollipop company, I reached out to a company that creates custom designs for a wow factor. The end product was better than what I imaged. They did an amazing job! The fourth décor element is the flowers. I wanted the flowers to be whimsical and keiki appropriate. Thus, I integrated a combination of flowers and fruit. In addition, I incorporated floral hoops in keeping with the fun vibe.

Overall, I am super excited about this photo shoot as I have never featured any of my keiki-inspired designs in a feature blog. Let us know what you think.