The reality of DIY projects

Before you decide to take on a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, consider this perspective…. DIY projects exist in every industry, including weddings. Couples consider DIY projects over hiring professional vendors for many reasons. One, reason is cost savings as oftentimes doing things yourselves saves money. Although DIY projects have the potential to save money, the one thing you lose is time. All DIY projects take time and attention. The time and attention that you spend on a DIY project could easily be spent on living in the moment with your friends and family. A second reason is that many couples want to create something that has sentimental value. There is nothing greater than making something with your hands for your friends and family to appreciate. Handmade items reflect love, passion and creativity that are many times missing in some mass- produced products. At Little Details, LLC we encourage our couples that if they choose to incorporate a DIY project that it is something they can complete before the wedding. Our rule of thumb is that 48 hours leading up to your wedding day should be reserved to celebrate with your friends and family, not assembling or making your DIY project. When couples, close friends or family take on projects that extend up to the actual day of the wedding they miss out on the experience of living in the moment. However, if you choose to incorporate a DIY project on your wedding day, consider one of our trusted vendors sage advice. Maxine Alcott with Abloom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado who has over thirty years of experience as a floral designer had this to add: “The best advise I can give a client that is interested in including some DIY projects on their wedding day is to have someone assigned to the task of following through with the project that is not directly involved in the wedding party or immediate family. DON’T PRESUME that your wedding professionals (if hired) will have scheduled in extra time to assist you on whatever may come up. Certainly a bit of extra time is always figured in, but often event delivery days are tightly scheduled and there may not be enough time to assist you. Select very carefully what you expect of yourself and others on your event day. Do not clutter up your day with too many extra projects. The day is all about you, be present and don’t miss it.”

As with anything, creating balance is the key to success. Thus, consider incorporating some DIY projects before the wedding day as well as hiring professionals to make your life easier as it gets closer to the celebration. You will thank your professional afterward, for allowing you to “experience” your wedding. As we are sure you know, life is too short and precious not to experience this amazing day and journey.