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Destination wedding #VegasStrong

Planning a destination wedding is exciting. By nature, they tend to take away a lot of the planning stress, allowing you to focus on the wedding celebration. Several years ago, when I was engaged to my husband, on a whim he suggested getting married in Las Vegas. At first, the very conservative nature in me screamed Hell NOOO, but I decided to take a scoutin[...]

The pre-checklist

The pre-checklist Now that you are engaged, what happens next? ….The wedding planning. Many couples begin researching and preparing for their special day without recognizing they have already completed a crucial step in the planning; the pre-checklist. Couples do this with out realizing…there is a pre-checklist before the traditional wedding planning off[...]

Meet Jessica and Robb

What is the first thing you noticed about each other? Robb: Her pretty eyes. Jessica: His goofy sense of humor. How would you describe your future spouse to a close friend? Robb: She's smart, funny and outgoing. Jessica: He is caring, fun and adventurous. What is the one thing you hope for your future together? To never stop adventuring and make e[...]

Understanding Day-of and Month-of Wedding Coordination

Planning your wedding takes a lot of effort and time; as a result, many couples plan a lot of their own wedding details in an effort to save money. A couple can hire either a “Day-of” or a “Month-of” coordinator to help ensure the event runs smoothly. On your big day — a day that you are supposed to enjoy — you don’t want to spend all your time answering [...]

How to select the perfect linen for your next event

Every event starts to come together when the small details properly line up. A great event planner is going to have foresight based on experience and good taste to make sure those details line up with your needs and goals. This is especially helpful for busy professionals who don’t want to spend a lot of time on the minute aspects of their upcoming event, bu[...]