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Understanding Day-of and Month-of Wedding Coordination

Planning your wedding takes a lot of effort and time; as a result, many couples plan a lot of their own wedding details in an effort to save money. A couple can hire either a “Day-of” or a “Month-of” coordinator to help ensure the event runs smoothly.

On your big day — a day that you are supposed to enjoy — you don’t want to spend all your time answering all the many questions that will surely come up. Coordinators help solve problems that crop up at the last minute and put plans in place to avoid potential problems in the first place. Of the two types of service packages, some coordinators offer both options, but some do only one. The two types of services you can receive are:

Day-of Wedding Coordinator
Couples planning a wedding usually focus all their concerns on the wedding day itself, so they hire a coordinator to run events for that short period. A Day-of coordinator is the lesser of the two options, since she or he is typically only involved a few weeks before the wedding and is not part of the planning process. With Day-of coordination services, couples are expected to do the planning, and the coordinator simply implements those plans on the big day. This is a good option for saving money, but it leads to more footwork on the couple’s end. Most couples are not experienced in planning a wedding and securing all the details, so they may run into more snags when they rely on this type of coordinator.

Month-of Wedding Coordinator
A Month of coordinator is much more hands-on during the overall planning process. She or he will help couples choose vendors and consider all the wedding details. In addition, the coordinator assists in helping solve the many problems that may arise. A coordinator hired for the month-of brings many tips and a great deal of expertise to the table when helping the couple plan out the details of the wedding. This kind of coordinator is usually quite flexible as to how hands-on he or she is with the couple. The month of option allows the clients to have more input from a professional coordinator to help them lesson the amount of planning pitfalls. For example, a month of coordinator can recommend specific companies and professionals based on experience, which can assist ease the couple’s nerves and reduce stress levels. A month-of coordinator will often look at the finer details of planning, such as how the event space is utilized to remain comfortable without seeming overly spacious. The coordinator will also help consider seating arrangements, signage, event flow, mood, realistic timing, atmosphere and more. A month-of coordinator can help ensure vendors are given plenty of time for their individual talent and that the correct plan of action is in place for the event. While it is more expensive, couples get a lot more help with a coordinator working the month of the wedding than they do from someone who steps in on the day of.

Finding the Solution That Works for You
At the end of the day, no matter which option you decide to go with, you need to find a coordinator that has experience successfully planning and implementing weddings. Talk to your coordinator about past experiences and don’t be afraid to ask for references. You can talk to previous clients to ensure the wedding coordinator you select is going to be the most helpful to you. This is your day — make sure you can relax and enjoy every moment.

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