Five Tips for Successful Event Planning

Planning an event can be crazy and overwhelming. Here are a few helpful tips and some advice to assist you as you plan your next event.

  1. First: Gather the facts. Every event planning begins with the five W’s. Who is your target audience or who will attend? What type of event are you planning and what is the budget? Why are you hosting the event? When is the event? Where will the event be held? Know your 5 W’s and you will have a successful event!
  2. Second: Brainstorm. Based on the type of event, make a list of what you will need for the event. Every successful event begins with the basics.
  3. Third: Creativity – this is the time for details. (And remember – this is my speciality!) Creativity can involve many things, but one thing I would highlight is a unique activity. I am a firm believer that all events need some form of interaction.
  4. Fourth: Determine what success looks like for the event. Every event should have a simple measurement tool to determine success.
  5. Fifth: Have fun. Life is too short, use every opportunity to laud the victories or milestones in life: CELEBRATE!!!