Wedding Engagement Season

As we head into the Holiday season, many couples are getting engaged! The engagement season is a very exciting time. Couples are not only celebrating their love but also sharing it in a time where the world celebrates their customs, traditions and, or religious beliefs. This is ….the most wonderful time of the year…a happy time but can also lead to anxiety. In an effort to relieve much of the pending planning anxiety, couples may want to consider the following three tips.

First, enjoy the engagement time! For some couples, they may immediately jump into “planning the wedding” mode. I would highly encourage couples to take some time to embrace this time and cherish every moment. Life is too short so enjoy this time. I do not have a recommended time to wait for wedding planning mode, as all couples are different. I just strongly encourage couples to live in every moment: CELEBRATE.

Second, create a spending plan. There are many couples that begin the wedding planning process with no spending plan in mind. Some may not create a spending plan as they have reservations about this restricting them. Couples that begin with a spending plan may also experience the feeling of restriction. However, it is always good to set clear expectations in everything including money. Challenge the way you look at the spending plan. Try not to focus on “how much” or “how little” but “how creative can we be”. There is nothing wrong with having an economical spending plan; it is what you do with it that matters.

Third, embrace you! I encourage all of my clients to integrate themselves in their wedding by adding personal touches that reflect your hobbies and interest. If you love books, visit garage or yard sales to find inexpensive options. Your local library is also a great resource for locating inexpensive books. As long as you are open to the idea, use a unique book that you purchase as a guest sign-in. Not only will your guests love it but the couple will as well.

If any of the newly engaged couples need assistance planning, contact us to inquire about our Engagement Season Special. CONGRATULATIONS!