Recharge You Workshop

Several months ago, I launched Motivational Speaking and Emcee services. Oftentimes, as an entrepreneur, you have to create your own opportunities to market yourself. With my years of designing events, I knew I could create a motivational speaking workshop that I could be proud to promote. More importantly, I wanted the workshop to meet the needs of my attendees by offering an authentic experience. I put my heart and soul into this workshop by focusing on every little detail to make this experience one to remember. There are five key things that contributed to the success of my “Recharging You” workshop.

First was the content. I wanted to offer a topic that was relevant and thought provoking to encourage people to attend. Since it was the beginning of spring, I immediately thought about how everyone welcomes the beginning of the year with great expectations and excitement. As the year progresses and life happens, we lose that excitement or passion for the new goals we have set. Thus, I thought it would be great to offer a recharge workshop. I spent two months working on the content to ensure it was appropriate to the concept of “Recharging You” The opening tag line was “Are you living a life of peace, purpose and passion? And if so, how do you recharge to maintain your focus in life?” I divided the presentation into two parts: Part one was “Discovering the essence of you”. Part two was “Remaining true to who you are”. Each workshop section was highlighted with a hands-on activity to reinforce the key point.

Second was the design. My desire for each attendee was for them to have a complete recharge experience. This included how they were welcomed, the design of the room layout, and sense of smell and lunch presentation. For the welcome, I wanted each attendee to be greeted by a team member with a wonderful smile and pleasant disposition. I wanted the welcome to include a goody bag that equipped them for the content’s activities. Also a part of the welcome was a compliment health shot: Turmeric Tonic. Turmeric tonic is a natural antioxidant that increases circulation and reduces inflammation. The attendees loved this option and were not expecting this bonus. For the room design, I wanted to create a warm and comfortable greeting. To achieve this goal, I decided to incorporate comfortable lounge furniture that included wicker chairs, couches, and ottomans, bronze chairs with cushions, beanbags and window cushions. For lunch, I wanted a farm to plate concept with a healthy lunch option. I settled on build your own salad and wrap station. Due to the overall theme of recharge, I did not want to serve any food that was heavy and made the attendees feel lethargic. I had a vision of using vibrant color flower pots as serving containers to create a unique serving experience. I found the perfect pots I wanted at Lowes. I used the colors as my inspiration for the beanbags and window cushions. The vibrant colors made the room layout pop with a strong since of relaxation and happiness. To conclude the food service and provide a parting gift, I had a to go box with a decadent cupcake to leave a final sweet taste in the mouth of my guests.

Third was the venue. It took me three weeks to locate the perfect venue. I toured several options that included independent venues, banquet spaces and restaurants. Due to the fact that I had a specific vision for my guest experience, there was something missing with each venue. In all honesty, I wanted to find a venue that already had the recharge vibe so I did not have to focus too much on the design and work more on the content. Thus, I had to make a tough decision. If I wanted a specific guest experience, I had to select a venue with a blank canvas. Having a blank canvas would allow me the space to design the vibe that I wanted. This approach meant that I had to work hard on both the design and workshop content. Based on my attendee’s feedback, I made the best decision.

Fourth was a complete sensory experience. First the sensory experience involved scent. I incorporated an essential oil diffuser that pumped in the smell of lavender. Lavender is known as a calming and relaxing herb. I wanted this scent to greet the guests so they could truly embrace the time with a welcome heart and mind. I also wanted to have live music. I selected two local musicians to come and play acoustic guitar to reinforce the recharge vibe.

All of my hard work can be summed up in one of my attendee’s response: “Thank you so much for creating a beautiful and mindful workshop/session of Recharge in a lovely location. Your presence is enlightening, uplifting and convincing! I felt touched by your generosity…offering a delicious buffet and a sweet treat that was absolutely scrumptious. Many blessings to you and thank you again, please keep sharing yourself and motivating others.” Contact us today for your Motivational Speaking and Emcee needs.