Planning a Wedding?

Several years ago, I had an idea to combine my years of wedding planning experience and create a manual. Over the years, I assisted many couples and families plan all types of events. One thing that always’ stood out were my customer reviews. Within my reviews, clients mention me being knowledgeable and professional while always remaining steps ahead of them. The thought was to take some of the structure that I provide my clients and create a manual for others to use. This idea opened another market of DYI clients for my business. With my recent business relocation to Maui and focusing on destination types of weddings and events, I decided to redesign the manual.

The most important aspect of the redesigned manual was the content. Now that majority of the weddings we plan are destination events I wanted to ensure that the content was relevant. Thus, I reviewed every section to ensure the material was also relevant to these types of weddings. One addition that was added was how to communicate adult celebrations. It is important to note that there are many ways to communicate your intent. Within the manual, I encourage the couples to avoid using words in the negative or isolation. These words can include not and only. It is also important to not apologize for what you want. There are many ways to communicate your intent such as websites. You can also have this message in a shorten version your RSVP response cards. Check out our recent blog post “How to communicate adult only celebrations” on our website for even more advise.

The second aspect of the redesign was the ascetic. Thus, I worked with a design artist to create a new cover. The purpose of the new cover is to communicate the look and feel of tropical luxury. For those that purchase the manual, I want them to feel like they have a professional planner assisting them. Whether couples choose to plan their own wedding or if their budget decides for them, everyone deserves to have resources to assist them have the wedding of their dreams. It was very important the manual also arrive in a package that carried the same theme of tropical luxury. Thus, the manual will arrive in a custom box made by Boxup. The custom box communicates a luxury-tropical feel. Upon receiving the manual within the mail, I want the couples to feel like the manual is a gift. A gift of peace knowing they have the resources to assist them throughout the planning process.

As an introductory offer, for the first five couples that purchase the redesign manual, will receive a complimentary one-hour planning consultation. The goal of this redesign manual is to assist as many couples as possible successfully navigate their wedding planning journey. Are you one of those couples that needs our manual?