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Why hire a Destination Wedding Planner

For couples that are planning a wedding, this can be a daunting and stress-filled experience for even the most organized person. For those couples, having a destination wedding and trying to navigate the Little Details hundreds of miles a way, a Destination Wedding Planner can be the best gift to you. A Destination Wedding Planner can allow you to enjoy the wedding planning process, while not losing sight of the most important thing, the life you plan to build with your significant other. Here are three reasons to hire a Destination Wedding Planner.

1. Event Industry Knowledge and experience:

Just like any profession, the Event Industry is a very unique sector of business. It is important for those that are not within the industry to utilize the skills and talents of those that are within this business. Destination Wedding planners, attended school, have ongoing professional development training, have years of experience and network with event industry professionals. They have an insider perspective when it comes to planning weddings. For example, within the Event Industry there are so many tips and tricks that only Destination Wedding planners know and can pass that along to their clients. From time to time with events, even the best event planning strategy, things can happen. Seasoned Destination Wedding Planners, have great credibility due to their knowledge and experience, that allows them to leverage their skills and talent should the need arise for their clients. What better way to handle these potential mishaps, than to have a professional Destination Wedding Planner apart of your team?

2. Established vendor and venue relationships:

Destination Wedding Planners know what venues and vendors are best to work with and how to navigate contract negotiations. Many also have great pre-established professional relationships with vendors or national organizations, in which you may receive special rates on some products and services. Not to mention, that Destination Wedding Planners that live in the area have that unique local connection that is needed when navigating the planning process. For example, despite my years of experience, when my husband and I were married and selected a destination location, we hired a local Destination Wedding Planner to assist us with connections that would have taken me more time and energy to locate. It was the best decision we made within the wedding planning process! Six years later, family and friends still talk about our wedding meal and cake, which is what every couple wants to hear!

3. The Little Details within your destination location:

In addition to the logistical component of the wedding day, there are so many other details to consider. These additional details may include; air travel, marriage license, special permits, transportation and lodging. Couples that plan Destination weddings, without the assistance of a professional planner also have to take on the logistical hat of travel agent, concierge and event planner for themselves and anyone traveling to attend their wedding. Often times, these tasks appear manageable; but quickly overwhelm even the most organized person. These additional tasks tend to take away the couples ability to enjoy this special time with their family and friends, as they are concerned with every detail. From my perspective, the best thing a couple can do is LIVE in the moment of every planning detail including the day of their wedding. What better gift to give yourself than to actually enjoy this journey as you begin the rest of your lives together.

Planning a destination wedding within the US? Need a Maui Destination Wedding Planner? Visit our website little-details.net to learn how we can assist you in navigating the wedding planning process. At Little Details, LLC our priority is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. We are also thrilled to announce we will open another service base in Maui, Hawaii November 2016. We hope to also service you there, ALOHA!

Maui Destination Wedding Planner

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