Destination Travel Tips

Traveling for a destination wedding or corporate event can be exciting especially if you have never visited the location. As the excitement builds for your upcoming trip, do not forget a few little details that will make your experience one to remember:

1. Know the region and weather forecast. For example, Maui, Hawaii is a tropical paradise, but do you know the island is divided into regions? Some regions are a little cooler than others. Thus, when you research the weather of your destination location be sure to know the climate.
2. Pack light. Oftentimes, people over think the clothes they need for destination travel. If you are from the mid west, you will understand the layers concept. Use the thought of backing a base of light clothes, i.e. essentials. Once you have the essentials, incorporate a few pieces that you can use to dress up or down depending on the excursions you plan. If you are into shoes, this can also cause a major conundrum. The best advice, I can offer a fellow shoe lover is plan for comfort. Try to have a causal shoe that can be dressed up or down, everyday option and a pair of gym shoes. Again, keep everything simple. This way you have more room to bring back items from any shopping excursions.
3. When packing your toiletries, try to avoid bringing perfume to warm/humid climates. The best option is to consider a natural scented shower gel and lotion. One of my personal favorites is Olive from The Body Shop. It also lessens the amount of bugs that are attracted to overly scented items.
4. Stay hydrated with H20. When traveling to a hot and humid location such as Hawaii, you do not realize how much your body needs hydration. Being in the hot/humid sun drains your body of the essential hydration needed to endure the intense rays. You can still enjoy your Mai Tai’s, but add a glass of water in between your drinks!