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Tablescape Service

table designer

What is a tablescape?
Tablescape is the word that defines the process of setting a themed dining table. I love designing tablescapes. Designing a tablescape involves two key elements. First, understanding the clients needs. Second, understanding the purpose for the social gathering. As a designer, this is a unique creative outlet to express my passion and commitment to design.

My creative process includes the following steps:

  1. The first step is the Consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to talk with the client to determine their overall objective for the dinner, the budget, the location, and overall timeline.
  2. The second step is the confirmation of all details. I will consult with the client and location personnel if different from the client. This stage is crucial to ensure the execution of the client’s overall vision.
  3. The third and final step is the set-up of the tablescape design.

Tool kit:

  1. Designfiles: Planning software to manage budgets & payments, calendars & appointments, checklist, contracts, emails, layout, to-do’s and much more.
  2. Zoom: Virtual Communication

Price Guide

Tablescape pricing depends on the client’s needs, guest count and location.

Client Testimonial

“LaTasha is all about the details and really takes time to make sure everything is organized and precise for the client. She cares for not only the client, but for everyone involved. She is intentional with her words and actions, clear in her vision and upfront with her expectations. Not only that, but she is experienced and kind. I would recommend LaTasha as she will make your dinner table amazing!”

I love getting to know my clients to learn what is most important to them. Let’s partner for your next event!


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