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From time to time, Little Details would like for our readers to meet one of our trusted vendors. Recently, Dave, the owner of Fresh Tracks Food and Catering, took the time to respond to our recent survey and here is what he had to say.

Please describe your business and why or how you began.
Answer: Fresh Tracks Foods and Catering is more of a boutique type of caterer that started right in the beginning of the 2009 reception. I was given great opportunities by individuals that I was a personally cooking for. Over the past 6 years Fresh Tracks has grown by leaps and bounds consistently producing high quality meals for individuals ranging from 2-500 people. Over the past couple of years we have really honed our skills on the grill now specializing in wood fire grilling and “Smokin” Southern BBQ. I feel we really shine in the cocktail theme menus. Cocktail theme menus really let’s myself, Dave the Chef owner, and all my kitchen staff to play with new techniques and concepts.

Describe one new trend that you have incorporated within your product and, or service offering?
Answer: Maybe not a new trend, but we have really found the importance of social media. It really speaks volumes to the generations getting married. Every year this trend compounds itself and we get less and less initial phone calls and receive inquires through Facebook and Instagram. Technology is king!

Please list and explain one skill set that you excel at related to your business.
Answer: Costumer service. I love to talk with people and I love to cook and be around food. When people call me or come up to me they want to know all about my cooking history and what I am currently into. It makes it really easy to sale my business, my food and myself to potential clients.

How would you describe your design or creative process for producing your end product?
Answer: I start with a plan, but food is a living breathing thing so it evolves through out the process. We love to make changes on the fly.

Communicate at least one reason why you like working with LaTasha at Little Details, LLC.
Answer: We were a great team from our first hello!

What to learn more about Fresh Tracks visit their website:

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