Is price the only factor?

Event planning can be very stressful. Coordinating events out of state can often exacerbate planning efforts. Within the planning of a destination event, there are many little details to consider. For example, not having a local contact that can visit the venue, check-in with the venue staff, coordinate local vendors or to address unexpected concerns can be challenging. Having someone local or “heels on the ground” as I like to say can make a world of difference. It should be noted that there is a difference between a venue coordinator and an outside planner. The planner outside of the venue is acting on your behalf at all times. For example, I recently observed a hotel that did not have the client’s best interest. There were two clients that were opting to have draping at their events. Their events were hours apart and instead of the hotel working something out that would be a win-win for both clients, they elected to not communicate the opportunity. Recently, I had the same situation occur during a wedding with a different end result. I was able to work out a win-win for not only my client, but the other wedding that did not hire me for event planning services by using the same company. Yet, when clients hire an outside or destination planner, is price the only thing to consider? Here are some keys to hiring the best destination planner for you.

All destination locations are not equal; some are more popular than others. Hawaii, in particular is a very popular destination for both weddings and corporate events. As an industry fact, there are more wedding planners than corporate planners within Maui. However, Hawaii’s unique market is a great opportunity for clients that are price conscious. Due to the market saturation, clients have a lot of options to consider within many different price points. This allows clients to find the best price that is within their budget, but again, should this be the only factor?

Within Maui’s Event planning market there are many planners that offer different services. When selecting a planning company that works for you, it is important to understand your logistical needs. Planning companies that offer custom planning options tend to meet your exact needs. For example, if you are a bride that has a unique vision for your special day, you may want to consider a wedding planner that offers luxury services. Luxury services are those little details that make your event an experience such as concierge service or custom guest welcome bags.

Industry knowledge is also a key factor when selecting your destination planner. Industry knowledge does not necessarily mean years of experience. How knowledgeable is your destination planner about venues that meet your specific needs? Does your destination planners have established relationships or is known within the region? How up-to-date is your destination planner with new trends and best practices?

When looking for a destination planner hopefully, these additional tips will assist you acquire the perfect coordinator for you. I maybe somewhat impartial but Maui is a great destination location to host your next event and Little Details, LLC would love to assist you!