Holiday Designs

holiday home staging

Decorating a home or office for holidays always puts people in a better mood. When this happens you get more family or clients happier and create lasting positive memories of visiting your home or business. Creating the right atmosphere means have the right decorations for your space.

Fact: There are three things that holiday designs accomplish

  1. Holiday décor anchors your home or office.
  2. Holiday décor gives your home or office a clear identity.
  3. Holiday décor promotes close together time with family and friends.

Client Testimonial

“Thanks LaTasha. You did a fantastic job!! The Villa looks terrible without your attention to details.”

Little Details as its’ name suggests focuses on the details to make each and every holiday design. We diligently listen to our customers to ensure their vision for their home or office becomes a reality. Little Details strives for excellence in an effort to exceed clients’ expectations.

Our creative process includes the following steps:

  1. The first step is the Chat. The purpose of the Chat is to meet with the client to determine their overall objective for the event, the budget, the home, and timeline.
  2. The second step is the Consultation and official write-up.  This is a longer meeting he client will receive a detailed proposal within 48 hours of the consultation.
  3. The third step is the approval of the proposal and down payment.
  4. The fourth step is establishing a clear strategic plan for the design install.
  5. The fifth step is the installation.

Tool kit:

  1. Planning Pod: Planning software to manage budgets & payments, calendars & appointments, checklist, contracts, emails, layout, to-do’s and much more.
  2. Zoom: Virtual Communication

Price Guide

All holiday pricing is custom per the client’s needs and budget.

Client Testimonial

“LaTasha is all about the details and really takes time to make sure everything is organized and precise for the client. She cares for not only the client, but for everyone involved, including vendors. She is intentional with her words and actions, clear in her vision and upfront with her expectations. Not only that, but she is experienced and kind. I would recommend LaTasha as a designer and know she will make your event amazing!”