Frequently Asked Questions + Freebies


COVID-19 Edition:

How are you addressing COVID-19?
We are addressing the global pandemic in many ways. Below are just a few key things:

  1. First, we guide our clients into back-up plans in case the guest count capacity changes for their event.
  2. We have mandatory health and wellness questionnaires for our staff and require temperature checks before they enter the work environment. If any staff is not feeling well, they are required to remain home. We will have a replacement staff available to replace their absence.
  3. We assist our clients with contract tracing systems in the event something does occur.
  4. We created updated logistical plans for all events that include temperature checks, mask requirements for guests and best practices for vendor integrations.
  5. We are also working with all venues to ensure that our clients are in compliance of all local, county, state and CDC guidelines.

Are there fees associated with postponing our event
No there are no additional fees if you postpone your wedding. The wedding must be booked within a year and the new date is based on availability.

How far in advance of our event will we review and consider whether or not we should postpone?
Our practice is to decide at least three months before the event.

General FAQ’s

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept all forms of payment

Is there a contract?
Once the proposal is approved all clients will have a contract to sign as well. For design clients, they will have an installation agreement that covers the cost, outline of services and general terms included on their first invoice.

Will you be at our event?
During the consultation stage, the lead planner or designer will be confirmed. The only exception will be due to illness or any unforeseen circumstance. In those rare occasions, we will communicate any change in personnel immediately.

What will our project cost?
It depends on the scope of your project. For corporate or design clients, If you have a budget for your project, we take that into consideration. Ultimately the final cost for your project is up to you. You set a budget and it is our job to maximize your project within budget.

Where do you work?
We work in Maui. However, we are flexible to travel or provide virtual assistance.

Where do you source your inventory?
Our inventory comes from a variety of sources. We also use local stores, showrooms, and retail locations, as well as online and catalogue retailers. We also curate custom pieces.

If you provide design services for me, do I have to make purchases through you?
No, you do not. You are welcome to make any purchases on your own items.

How long will the redesign take?
This will vary depending on the scope of the design.

What is your design style?
I don’t have a “style.” The design is based on the clients’ preferences, the architecture of the home, and budget will dictate the interior’s style direction.