Destination Travel Tips

Traveling for a destination wedding or corporate event can be exciting especially if you have never visited the location. As the excitement builds for your upcoming trip, do not forget a few little details that will make your experience one to remember: 1. Know the region and weather forecast. For example, Maui, Hawaii is a tropical paradise, but do you k[...]

Meet one of our trusted vendors

Please describe your business and why or how you began: Kinga Ritchey wedding photographer is committed to excellence and professionalism. Photographing couples in Hawaii, California and Anguilla for more than 10 years has proven her passion and dedication to provide amazing, fun and memorable experience, and most importantly beautiful images exceeding her c[...]

Is price the only factor?

Event planning can be very stressful. Coordinating events out of state can often exacerbate planning efforts. Within the planning of a destination event, there are many little details to consider. For example, not having a local contact that can visit the venue, check-in with the venue staff, coordinate local vendors or to address unexpected concerns can be [...]

Can you imagine yourself here?

I LOVE design style shoots. Design style shoots allow Event Designers the creative outlet to explore new things. The new things can be a new venue, geographical location, or new design trends. With our recent relocation to Maui, a design style shoot allowed us the opportunity to collaborate in a different geographical location working with new venues and ven[...]

How is it working with Little Details, LLC?

Within our blog posts we cover a variety of topics. For the first time, we decided to hear from one of our lead event assistants this year. We asked Molly, what is it like working with Little Details, LLC and this is what she said: "I've had the pleasure of being one of LaTasha's assistants for over a year now. From the beginning, LaTasha has been so wond[...]

Lokelani Rose: Maui New Beginnings

As Little Details, LLC, DBA Little Details Maui embarks on its new adventure in Maui, we are learning many exciting things. On a recent Winery tour at Maui Wine, Upcountry in Kula, we learned about the meaning of Maui’s official island flower: Lokelani (LOE keh LAH nee) Rose. Lokelani Rose in Hawaiian means “heavenly rose” Learning how the rose was first [...]

Want a Maui beach wedding?

Maui, Hawaii, is a great destination location for any type of event. Whether you are planning a corporate event or intimate wedding ceremony, Maui is the place. When considering getting married in Maui, it is wise to research both the climate and location amenities. For climate considerations, do you want a more tranquil environment with calm water? When con[...]

Why hire a Destination Wedding Planner

For couples that are planning a wedding, this can be a daunting and stress-filled experience for even the most organized person. For those couples, having a destination wedding and trying to navigate the Little Details hundreds of miles a way, a Destination Wedding Planner can be the best gift to you. A Destination Wedding Planner can allow you to enjoy the [...]

Meet Jessica and Robb

What is the first thing you noticed about each other? Robb: Her pretty eyes. Jessica: His goofy sense of humor. How would you describe your future spouse to a close friend? Robb: She's smart, funny and outgoing. Jessica: He is caring, fun and adventurous. What is the one thing you hope for your future together? To never stop adventuring and make e[...]

Meet Kira and Max

What is the first thing you noticed about each other? Max: The first thing I noticed was Kira’s pretty eyes. Kira: The first thing I noticed about Max was her sense of humor. How would you describe your significant other to a close friend? Max: Kira is a smart, caring, go-getter who always puts her family first. Kira: Max is a hard worker, funny and t[...]

The Guest Experience

Whether you are planning a corporate or social event, there is often one key component missing in the logistical planning and that is your guests experience. Often times, this can be a crucial component overlooked. As an Event Designer, I always keep the guests experience in mind throughout the planning process. As many know, the guests experience can be wha[...]

Event Planners beware of scams

Whether you are a professional Event Planner or existing or prospective client of Little Details, LLC planning a wedding, corporate, social or celebration of life event, I try to include everyone within my blog post content. However, recently I am seeing an unfortunate trend that affects all Event Planners: scams. Unfortunately, ill-intentioned individuals h[...]

Understanding Day-of and Month-of Wedding Coordination

Planning your wedding takes a lot of effort and time; as a result, many couples plan a lot of their own wedding details in an effort to save money. A couple can hire either a “Day-of” or a “Month-of” coordinator to help ensure the event runs smoothly. On your big day — a day that you are supposed to enjoy — you don’t want to spend all your time answering [...]

How to select the perfect linen for your next event

Every event starts to come together when the small details properly line up. A great event planner is going to have foresight based on experience and good taste to make sure those details line up with your needs and goals. This is especially helpful for busy professionals who don’t want to spend a lot of time on the minute aspects of their upcoming event, bu[...]

Denver Wine Tours

Several weeks ago, I was invited to a Winery experience with Denver Wine Tours. As, an Event Planner and a lover of wine, I wanted to check out the tour. I also wondered, if this could be a great option for my clients? It just so happens I was also looking for a venue to host a VIP Winery Experience. The venue needed to meet at least four basic requirements:[...]

The reality of DIY projects

Before you decide to take on a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, consider this perspective…. DIY projects exist in every industry, including weddings. Couples consider DIY projects over hiring professional vendors for many reasons. One, reason is cost savings as oftentimes doing things yourselves saves money. Although DIY projects have the potential to save mone[...]

How to create a detailed timeline for your next event

Little Details, LLC is an Event Planning Company. Our pledge of exceptional customer service is not just a nice slogan, but a professional mandate to offer the best products and services. As many couples soon realize planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because couples are planning for a new chapter within their lives. Overwhelm[...]

Meet one of trusted vendors...

Please describe your business and why or how you began. Yours For Your Day provides eclectic event rentals specializing in vintage furniture, rustic decor, and architectural salvaged details. Their collection of rental items are perfect for those individuals seeking unique and one-of-a-kind details for their weddings, parties, and corporate events. Shortly a[...]

Meet one of our trusted vendors...

Please describe your business and why or how you began. As the only AAA 4 Diamond hotel in the Denver Tech Center, we look to exceed the expectations of our guests. We believe in providing Authentic Hospitality, and making a difference in the lives of those we 'touch' everyday. Experience an incredible event right here at Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center. Al[...]

Wedding Engagement Season

As we head into the Holiday season, many couples are getting engaged! The engagement season is a very exciting time. Couples are not only celebrating their love but also sharing it in a time where the world celebrates their customs, traditions and, or religious beliefs. This is ….the most wonderful time of the year…a happy time but can also lead to anxiety. [...]