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Aloha from Maui

There are many magical experiences that occur on the island of Maui. One experience is to receive a lomi lomi massage. I use the word receive intentionally. If you open your mind, body, and soul this becomes a true gift of Aloha! Lomi lomi is a massage that incorporates the Hawaiian concept of Aloha, which means love, unification, breath and promotes persona[...]

Maui Job Corps Motivational Speaking Engagement

With over 25 years experience within the event industry Little Details, LLC is launching its Motivational Speaking service. With my diverse background that includes successfully creating and launching an event planning company, working within the energy sector in business development and teaching for seven years, my service is unique. When I create my speak[...]

The pre-checklist

The pre-checklist Now that you are engaged, what happens next? ….The wedding planning. Many couples begin researching and preparing for their special day without recognizing they have already completed a crucial step in the planning; the pre-checklist. Couples do this with out realizing…there is a pre-checklist before the traditional wedding planning [...]

Is price the only factor?

Event planning can be very stressful. Coordinating events out of state can often exacerbate planning efforts. Within the planning of a destination event, there are many little details to consider. For example, not having a local contact that can visit the venue, check-in with the venue staff, coordinate local vendors or to address unexpected concerns can be[...]

The Guest Experience

Whether you are planning a corporate or social event, there is often one key component missing in the logistical planning and that is your guests experience. Often times, this can be a crucial component overlooked. As an Event Designer, I always keep the guests experience in mind throughout the planning process. As many know, the guests experience can be wh[...]

Wedding Engagement Season

As we head into the Holiday season, many couples are getting engaged! The engagement season is a very exciting time. Couples are not only celebrating their love but also sharing it in a time where the world celebrates their customs, traditions and, or religious beliefs. This is ….the most wonderful time of the year…a happy time but can also lead to anxiety. [...]

Meet one of our trusted vendors...

Please describe your business and why or how you began. Ink Boutique. LLC. is an invitation business for any and all occasions owned by Jenny Hanna and Joy Damsgard founded in March of 2004. Our focus is to work one on one, in a private setting, with our clients while exceeding their expectations. Our price points cater to all needs. We oversee the entire pr[...]

Meet one of our Vendors...

Please describe your business and why or how you began. Firefly Event Services is a lighting, design and event service business that provides affordable options to its clients. It evolved through existing events industry relationships with clients wanting another alternative to help bring their vision to life without costing a fortune. Describe one new[...]

Ceremony Rehearsal Package

At Little Details, LLC we are committed to providing resources that make a difference in the lives of our potential clients. One need we want to fill for the DIY couples planning their own wedding is offering professional guidance during their ceremony rehearsal. The Ceremony Rehearsal Execution Package, allows us to offer our expertise, giving the DIY coupl[...]

Meet one of our trusted vendors

From time to time, Little Details would like for our readers to meet one of our trusted vendors. Recently, David, the owner of Shindig DJs, LLC, took the time to respond to our recent survey and here is what he had to say. Survey prompt: Please describe your business and why or how you began. Answer: Shindig DJs, LLC is an award-winning, full service DJ c[...]